Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Opto-electronic Sensor-based Monitoring in Geo-engineering


  • Keynote Lectures

Civil Structural Health Monitoring with Networks of Distributed and Multiplexed Fiber Optic Sensors--Farhad Ansari

Smart Sensor Networks and Integrated Systems of Structural Health Monitoring for Civil Infrastructures--Jinping Ou and Hui Li

SHM and Intelligent Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructures--Zhishen Wu, Bin Xu and Sunaryo Sumitro

Telecommunications Tunnel Monitoring System Employing BOTDR--Hiroshi Naruse.Kazuhiko Fuiihash & Masaru Okutsu

Comprehensive Monitoring of Underground Structures Using Smart Sensors--Y. W. Yang, C. Wang & S. Bhalla

Fibre Distributed Sensing for a More Secure Society--Luc Thevenaz

  • State-of-the-Art Reports

Deformation of Reinforcing Pipe in Tunnel by Optical Fibre Sensor-Kitae Chang & Heuisoo Han 

Field application of fiber optic strain and temperature monitoring systems--Daniele Inaudi and Branko Glisic

Pulse Pre-pump-BOTDA Technology for New Generation of Distributed Strain Measuring System--Kinzo Kishida, Che Hsien Li, Heliang Cui,Yoshiak Yamauch & Isamu Oh

Combined Fiber Bragg Grating and Brillouin OTDR for Monitoring Second Lining of Tunnel--Chuan Li, Yong-gui ZHAO, Yu 

SUN, Hao Liu, Li-ming GAO, Zhi-ling ZHANG & Hai-rao QIU

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Technology and its Application in Geo-Engineering Monitoring--Bin SHi, Haibo SUI, Jie LIU, Baojun WANG

Structural Sensin and Diagnosis with Hybrid Carbon Fibers--Zhishen WU & C.Q. YANG

  • Technical Paper

A study on the application of BOTDR in the deformation monitoring for tunnel engineering--Bin Shi, Hongzhong Xu, Dan Zhang, Yong Ding, Heliang Cui, Junqi Gao and Bin Chen

Jacket effect on strain measurement accuracy for distributed strain sensors based on Brillouin scattering--Yong Ding, Bin Shi, Xiaoyi Bao and Junqi Gao

The stability of optical fiber as strain sensor under invariable stress-Yong Ding, Bin Shi, Heliang Cui, Junqi Gao ang Bin Chen

Data processing in the distributed strain measurement of BOTDR based on wavelet analysis--H.Z. Xu, B. Shi, D. Zhang, Y. Ding, H.L. Cui

Application of BOTDR into structural bending monitoring--D. Zhang, B. Shi, H.Z. Xu, Y. Ding, H.L. Cui & J.Q. Gao

improvement of Spatial Resolution of BOTDR Using Spectral Decompostition--Dan ZHANG Bin SHI, Heliang CUI & Hongzhong XU

An Experimental Study On Thermal State Monitoring for Perfafrost Roadbed of Qinghai-Tibet Railway Using DTS--W. Zhang, B. Shi, W.B. Suo, Y. Cai, Q.B. Wu

A Feasibility Research on Foundation Pit Monitoring Using BOTDR--LIU, Jie, SHI, Bin, ZHANG Dan, SUI, Haibo, SUO Wenbin

The Design and Development of HF section of DFIT Receiver--Gang Kong, Jing Wang, Zhigang Wang, Yibing Shi and Zaiping Nie

The Application of New Photo-electricity Particle-size Analysis Instrument in the Tests of Silt Pariticle-size Analysis of the River Bed in the 1ower Yellow River--Li Jindu & Wang Baocheng

Model Experiment Research on Monitoring Deformation of Sinkhole Collapse by Using BOTDR Optical Fiber Sensing Technique--Jiang Xiaozheng, et al.

A study on the Application Feasibility of BOTDR into the Large Infrastructural Engineering Health Monitoring--Bin Shi et al.

A study on BOTDR-based Distributed optical Fiber Strain Measurement for Tunnel Health Diagnosis--Bin Shi et al.

Distributed Optical Fiber Sensor Based on BOTDR and its Application to Structural Health Monitoring--Dan Zhang et al.

Testing study on the deformation monitoring of reinforced concrete T-beam using BOTDR--Dan Zhang et al.

BOTDR Optic Fiber Temperature Monitoring Technique and its appliction in civil engineering- Cui et al.

A fiber optic sensing net applied in soil monitoring based on Brillouin scattering--Ding et al.

The study on the Inteuigent strvcmre system of Archtecture with Bionics--Ding et al.

Study on Calibration of distributed optical fiber sensors Based on BOTDR--Suo et al.

Expeoment for Measuring the Distributed strain of Reinforced Concrete Beam using BOTDR--Gao et al.

Using Distributed Fiber optic Sensor for Bridge and Pavement Health Monitoring--Gao et al.

Research of Large Engineering Monitoring System Using Distributed optical Fiber sensor Based on GIS--Suo et al.

Experiment for Monitoring the Stress of Prestressed Anchorage Cable using Distributed Fiber Optic sensor--Gao et al.

Distributed optical Fiber sensor- A New Technique to the Dam safety monitoring--D.R. Wei, W.Z,Gao, Y.T. Qin, H.Zhang & X.P. Xia