Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Opto-electronic Sensor-based Monitoring in Geo-engineering


Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Bin Shi

Editors: Dan Zhang, Honghu Zhu, Zhengtao Shen

Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.

Table of Content

Distributed dynamic sensing with spatial resolution of centimeters--Xiaoyi Bao, et al <1>

Application of fiber-optic sensors for health monitoring purposes in geo-engineering--Wolfgang R. Habel, et al <4>

Brillouin Optical Time-Domain Analysis: pushing back the frontiers--Luc Thévenaz <16>

Temperature-compensated cone penetration test mini-cone using fiber optic sensors--Raehyun Kim, et al <20>

An exact shape reconstruction approach using material basis reference frame: application to pipelines--Michael D. Todd <30>

Real-time field monitoring of geotechnical systems with wireless MEMS-based sensor arrays--Thomas F. Zimmie, et al <37>

A new monitoring technique in rock mass stability assessment using the remotely positioned laser doppler vibrometer--Guichen Ma, et al <45>

Monitoring of tunnel second lining and steel lining by using fiber Bragg grating strain sensor--Ying Na Li, et al <51>

Novel fiber optic sensor probe with a pair of highly reflected connectors and a vessel of water absorption material for water leak detection--TaeSik Cho, et al <57>

Ground stability monitoring with pore water pressure and displacement profile measurements--An Bin Huang, et al <71>

基于螺旋平行线的岩土变形分布式测量技术研究--童仁园, 等 <75>.

BOTDR strain monitoring system development and application research--Qing Zhang, et al <79>

基于耦合分析的分布式光纤堤坝渗漏监测研究意义和发展--周柏兵 <86>

分布式光纤监测技术在地裂缝监测中的应用研究--苏晶文, 等 <91>

Spectrum wavelength analysis of embedded FBG system in unconsolidated strata through deep borehole--Jing Chai, et al <97>

基于光纤传感的船闸工程安全监测及自动化技术研究--方海东,等 <104>

Pullout test of bolt based on fiber bragg grating sensing monitoring--Jing Chai, et al <108>


Application of optical fiber distributed strain sensing and its future in hydraulic engineering--Heliang Cui <119>

小波分析在分布式光纤拉曼测温中的应用--李小兵,等 <127>

Stability analyses of unsaturated soil slope under rainfall based on the fractal model--Yejiao Wang, et al <131>

Rail corrugation measurement using fiber laser accelerometers--Wentao Zhang, et al <139>

International use of by-products in landfill covers--N. Ronkainen, et al <141>

Application research of distributed optical fiber sensor for preservation of cultural relics--Jianghong Mao,et al <149>

A novel fbg vibration sensor based on matching filter demodulation--Jing Wang, et al <155>

Application study of fbg technology in stress monitoring for anchor rods--Xiaolin Weng, et al <155>

Concrete damage constitutive relation based of acoustic emission--Shaowei Hu,et al <169>

SLED 光源稳定性及测试方法的研究--刘晓光,等<172>

分布式光纤裂缝传感监测的细观力学和力-光耦合理论分析和实验--刘浩吾,等 <176>.

基于分布式光纤的桩基检测方法的研究--金文成,等 <182>

Spatial resolution and its calibration method for Brillouin scattering based distributed sensors--Heliang Cui, et al <185>

Wavelet analysis for space-time temperature field of tunnel fire--Penglia Ding, et al <192>

Analysis of PHC pipe piles hoop expansion failure mechanism based on dynamical strain testing--Penglai Ding, et al <198>

A distributed soil temperature measurement system with high spatial resolution based on BOTDR--Lei Gao, et al <208>

Experimental study of temperature effect on FDR measured soil volumetric water content--Lei Gao, et al <218>

Corrosion monitoring and evaluation of reinforced concrete column using BOTDR--Yijie Sun, et al <224>

Study of FBG strain distribution reconstruction based on improved genetic algorithm dual constrain--Jing Wang, et al <232>

Study of FBG strain sensors based on similar materiel in zonal disintegration model test--Jing Wang, et al <239>

Model test of landslides catastrophe based on fiber Bragg grating sensors--Jing Wang, et al <245>

Research on strain-temperature joint test methods of precast piles by using BOTDR--Jun Xi, et al <251>

FBG technology based experimental studies on cracking of expansive soil due to dehydration--Dan Zhang, et al <257>

Experiments on strength and shrinkage of expansive soil with basalt fiber reinforcement--Dan Zhang , et al <263>

Study on temperature effect of BOTDR-based optical fibers--Yong Zhang, et al <269>

Distributed optic fiber sensors for soil deformation monitoring for construction method of box culverts being pushed to replace pipe roofs-- Hongyan Zhao, et al <275>

An optical fibre monitoring system for evaluating the performance of a soil nailed slope--Honghu Zhu, et al <282>

Field pullout testing and performance evaluation of GFRP soil nails--Honghu Zhu, et al <230>

Physical modelling of sliding failure of concrete gravity dam under overloading condition--Honghu Zhu, et al <310>

Fiber optic monitoring of an underground excavation model text--Honghu Zhu, et al <328>

Fiber optic based monitoring technologies of slope engineering--Honghu Zhu, et al <333>

Health monitoring of foundations using fiber Bragg grating sensing technology--Honghu Zhu, et al <339>

Reliability analysis of deep excavation based on field monitoring data--Honghu Zhu, et al <346>

Application of distributed optical fiber sensing technique in monitoring the stress of precast piles--Yi Lu, et al <351>.