Development of fiber optic BOTDA sensor for intrusion detection

Il-Bum Kwon a, Se-Jong Baik b, Kiegon Im b, Jae-Wang Yu c

a Division of Industrial Metrology, Korea Research Institute of Standard & Science, Daejeon 305-340, South Korea

b Department of Physics, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 500-757, South Korea

c Department of Information & Communication, Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology, Gwangju 506-050, South Korea

Sensors and Actuators A: Physical

Volume 101, Issues 1–2, 30 September 2002, Pages 77–84


We present a compact fiber optic Brillouin optical time domain analysis (BOTDA) sensor system, which has the capability of detecting and locating intrusion attempts over several tens of kilometers long paths. The system employs a laser diode and two electro-optic modulators. Simulation of an intrusion effect was achieved by use of a strain-inducing setup. Distance resolution of 3 m was obtained for a 4.81 km long optical fiber within 1.5 s. Actual intrusion detection experiment was also performed using a step-on stage setup and clearly discernable detection signals were obtained in less than 1.5 s.


Brillouin optical time domain analysis sensor; Optical fiber; Intrusion detection; Distance resolution