B. Shi, D. Zhang, Y. Ding, H.Z. Xu, H.L. Cui

ACEI, Department of Earth Science, Nanjing University, Nanjing, P.R.China


The Brillouin optical time-domain Reflectometer (BOTDR) is a distributed optical fiber strain sensor based on Brillouin scattering. BOTDR equipment has been developed for practical use for structure health monitoring in the field of civil engineering. This paper describes the strain measurement principle and the configuration of BOTDR, and introduces some state-of-the-art applications home and abroad such as structures, piles and foundations, river levee, slope. Some key issues about the applications of distributed optical fiber sensing based on BOTDR are presented, and the health monitoring system for a concrete tunnel monitoring in Nanjing is displayed. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the BOTDR for the structural health monitoring of the concrete tunnel.


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