Infrastructure sensing

Kenichi Soga 1 and Jennifer Schooling 2

1 University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA

2Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 1PZ, UK

Interface Focus 6: 20160023.

Keywords: sensor technologies, civil engineering infrastructure, behaviour patterns 

ABSTRACT: Design, construction, maintenance and upgrading of civil engineering infrastructure requires fresh thinking to minimize use of materials, energy and labour. This can only be achieved by understanding the performance of the infrastructure, both during its construction and throughout its design life, through innovative monitoring. Advances in sensor systems offer intriguing possibilities to radically alter methods of condition assessment and monitoring of infrastructure. In this paper, it is hypothesized that the future of infrastructure relies on smarter information; the rich information obtained from embedded sensors within infrastructure will act as a catalyst for new design, construction, operation and maintenance processes for integrated infrastructure systems linked directly with user behaviour patterns. Some examples of emerging sensor technologies for infrastructure sensing are given. They include distributed fibre-optics sensors, computer vision, wireless sensor networks, low-power micro-electromechanical systems, energy harvesting and citizens as sensors.


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