A quantitative monitoring technology for seepage in slopes using DTS

Jun-Fan Yan a, Bin Shi a, Hong-Hu Zhu a, Bao-Jun Wang a, Guang-Qing Wei b, Ding-Feng Cao a

a School of Earth Sciences & Engineering, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

b NanZee Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou, China

Engineering Geology 186 (2015) 100–104 



Seepage monitoring of slopes is a basic requirement for evaluating slope stability and is necessary for predicting landslides. In this paper, an innovative Distributed Temperature Systemfor measuring seepage rate, called S-DTS, is introduced. In S-DTS, a Carbon Fiber Heating Cable, called CFHC, is designed and made for enhancing themeasure sensitivity and accuracy ofDTS for seepagemonitoring; a characteristic temperature (Tt) is proposed and defined for establishing the quantitative relationship between the measured temperature value and the seepage rate (V) easily. A test is designed and carried out to validate the feasibility of this technology in measuring the seepage rate quantitatively. The test results showthat Tt has a good linear relationship betweenwith the seepage rate (V), but nothingwith the grain size distribution in same sandy soil. Finally, an S-DTS based seepagemonitoring program of slope is presented. S-DTS can be used to monitor the fluctuation of the groundwater table and seepage rate in the slope, and to locate the position of potential slip surfaces in slopes. It has great significance to assess the slope stability and predict the landslide.


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