Raman-Assisted Brillouin Distributed Temperature Sensor over 100 km featuring 2 meter Resolution and 1.2ºC Uncertainty

Angulo-Vinuesa, X.; Martin-Lopez, S.; Nuno, J.; Corredera, P.; Ania-Castanon, J. F.; Thevenaz, L.; Gonzalez-Herraez, M.;
Journal of  Lightwave Technology, 
On page(s): 1
Digital Object Identifier :  10.1109/JLT.2011.2168807
Date of Publication :   23 Sep 2011

Raman assistance in distributed sensors based on Brillouin Optical Time-Domain Analysis (BOTDA) can significantly extend the measurement distance. In this work we have developed a 2 meter resolution long-range Brillouin distributed sensor that reaches 100 km using first-order Raman assistance. The estimated uncertainty in temperature discrimination is 1.2ºC, even for the position of worst contrast. The parameters used in the experiment are supported by a simple analytical model of the required values, considering the main limitations ...