Distributed Temperature Sensing System Based on Rayleigh Scattering BOTDA

Qingsong Cui; Pamukcu, S.; Aoxiang Lin; Wen Xiao; Herr, D.; Toulouse, J.; Pervizpour, M.;
Sch. of Instrum. Sci. & Opto-Electron. Eng., Beihang Univ., Beijing, China

Sensors Journal, IEEE
Volume :  11 ,  Issue:2 On page(s): 399 - 403
Digital Object Identifier :  10.1109/JSEN.2010.2066558
Date of Publication :   23  Sep  2010 


A distributed temperature sensor based on Rayleigh scattering Brillouin optical time domain analysis (Rayleigh-BOTDA) is proposed in this paper. The sensor uses Rayleigh backscattering effect of microwave modulated pulse base sidebands as probe wave and a high sensitive photon counting detector for Brillouin signal intensity detection. Compared with a conventional BOTDA system, the Rayleigh-BOTDA effectively suppresses polarization-induced signal fluctuation resulting in improved signal intensity. The experimental scheme presented is simplified by using a single laser with one-end access. The temperature accuracy of the new sensing system was demonstrated as 1°C on......