Study on BOTDR-based Distributed Optical Fiber Strain Measurement for Geo-linear Engineering Monitoring

SHI, B.; SUI, HB.; LIU,J.; Zhang D., Zhang, W.& Gao, J.Q.
Center for Engineering Monitoring with Opto-Electronic Sensing (CEMOES), Dept. of Earth Sciences, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

The Brilliouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (BOTDR) is a newly developed innovative measure technique, which utilizes Brilliouin spectroscopy and Optical Time Domain Reflectometry to measure the strain and temperature difference generated in optical fibers as distributed in the longitudinal direction. Because of the BOTDR’s distinctive characters, it has been paid more and more attention and began to be applied in monitoring system of various geotechnical engineerings such as tunnel, road embankment and landslide engineering. In this paper, the geo-linear engineering monitoring characteristics and requirements are presented and the operation principle and merits of BOTDR are introduced; Using authors’ research achievements and application cases, its application feasibility for the geo-linear engineering monitoring are analyzed. The research results indicate that the BOTDR-based distributed optical fiber strain/temperature measuring technique is quite applicable to the geolinear engineering monitoring.

geo-linear engineering, BOTDR, distributed optical fiber strain measurement, engineering monitoring, feasibility analysis


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