Suzhou Nanzee Sensing becomes China's first distributor of German BOFDA products

  In the early 2013, Suzhou Nanzee Sensing Technology Co., Ltd, granted the authorization of German fibrisTerre GmbH, became China’s the first distributor and technical partner of German BOFDA products. FibrisTerre is one of the few high-tech corporations in the world who have brought BOFDA technology into applications. Nanzee’s cooperation with fibrisTerre will further increase Nanzee’s technical strengths and products.

  Currently, Nanzee Sensing owns nearly all kinds of distributed fiber sensing technology including BOFDA,BOTDR,BOTDA,ROTDR,V-OTDR,OTDR and FBG, and enjoys world-class R&D strength and manufacturing conditions. Nearly 100 kinds of fiber sensing devices and modulators have been developed and applied in more than 100 research projects and major engineering monitoring.