4th Civil Structural Health Monitoring Workshop (CSHM-4)

Workshop on Civil Structural Health Monitoring (CSHM-4)

"SHM systems supporting extension of the structures’ service life"

November 6-8, 2012 Berlin, Germany

Website: http://www.cshm-4.com/

On behalf of the council of ISHMII - The International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure and the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Germany, we have the pleasure of inviting you to Berlin for the International CSHM-4 Workshop on “SHM systems supporting extension of the structures’ service life”.

The motivation for choosing this topic is the growing number of buildings, structures, and bridges that are reaching or have exceeded their expected life cycle. Therefore, service life estimation and extension is an area of increasing importance in civil and structural engineering. New data acquisition methods and techniques have been developed to get valuable information on the structural component’s as well as the material’s behavior for a better understanding of degradation mechanisms. Innovative and efficient structural health monitoring systems (SHM systems) are installed to observe the load-dependent behavior and to evaluate the remaining load-carrying capacity of structural components beyond their theoretical service life.

On the other hand, new rehabilitation methods have been developed to reinforce aged structures and, in this manner, to extend the service life of structurally deficient and deteriorating structures. Databases and knowledge-based systems allow modeling and estimating the service life and developing maintenance strategies.

CSHM-4 will bring together outstanding civil engineers, academics, designers, construction companies, product and monitoring system managers as well as responsible persons from government, road/highway, waterways and other authorities from all over the world who have an interest in improving the service life, safety and reliability of civil engineering structures. CHSM-4 provides a platform for extensive discussions of inspection and monitoring related tasks by expert groups, and the organizers encourage input into the improvement and/or optimization of sustainable solutions. We are convinced that fruitful discussions will bring added value for all participants that are looking for effective performance and aging management as well as economic decisions such as whether a structure should be repaired, replaced or whether it could remain in service without any changes while being monitored.

The CSHM-4 Workshop will feature two keynote presentations as well as two invited presentations in each of the four sessions. All experts are invited to submit papers. The highest ranked contributions can be given either as a talk or provided as posters on the subjects of the sessions. All participating experts are encouraged to give statements about and to discuss extensively their perspective on the subjects of this workshop. Each session will summarize the expert’s contributions in working groups and reach conclusions for future developments.
Topics of the workshop are discussed in four sessions:

Session 1: Scientific evaluation of structures that have exceeded their design service life
Session 2: Monitoring strategies for evaluation of structures that have exceeded their design service life
Session 3: Innovative reliable inspection and monitoring systems; challenges
Session 4: Economic analysis of SHM as it impacts decision-making including recommendations for essential SHM techniques or strategies

In order to stimulate vital discussions on highly relevant questions and problems, additional paper contributions are very welcome within the working groups. The poster session and a vendor exhibition including satellite demonstrations will help to made more aware of special methods serving the highlighted problems.

All paper contributions, posters and product information will be delivered on a CD-ROM. Presenting authors are invited to submit an extended version of their papers. In the same way, selected papers can be accepted for publishing in a Special Issue of the ISHMII Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring (JCSHM) published by Springer. All these contributions will be peer-reviewed.

The Editors of this issue are:
A. Mufti, Univ. of Manitoba, Winnipeg (Editor-in-chief)
F. Ansari, UIC Chicago
W. Habel, BAM Berlin